With all the kerfuffle over the Cowen pictures thing, I want to ask the question that has to be asked in any coverup – what did Cowen know, and when?

Because to be fair to the man he may not have initiated the howls of outrage that came from FFers like Michael Kennedy. Now the Times did say that a complaint had been issued from the Taoiseach’s office, but that might just have been a standard “we are not amused”, rather than a “we want someone’s head on a plate over this”.

I would like to hear from the man himself what his opinion is. Of course at this stage it will be some watered down media spun thing. For the real meat we would ahve to have a source in RTE explaining what was said in the phone call that was sure to have been made after the 9pm broadcast the other night. But as RTE are already in the shit with the government, and lets face it they are not renowned for standing up to them, we will probably never know.

Gav Reilly posts that Michael Kennedy was made look like an ass on Pat Kenny’s programme over this today. Good. Maybe that will teach him to keep his mouth shut in future.