This is a photo of the construction site across the road from my office in Vienna. Some of my colleagues who look out at this view were telling me about the goings on there in the last fortnight.

Vienna construction site.

Vienna Construction site (in the 2nd district). Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, SK.

Apparently last week a worked fell off the platform that runs along the bottom. Its about 5m to the ground form there and I am told he looked pretty bad when the Ambulance came for him. After that there was a push to put railings around all the rest of the scaffolding on site. But a few days ago one of the tower cranes dropped a container on the scaffolding at the back. You can see the damage marked with the other red ring. The load went right through the planking like a bullet through butter until it hit the ground.

Damage to the scaffolding.

Damage to the scaffolding. Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S, SK.

The funny thing is, that this being Austria the site remains open and as you can see (the red ring at the bottom) the rest of the staff continue to work without PPE! For all our whining, you wouldn’t see that in Ireland. The site would probably be shut by not for a full health and safety assessment after 2 big accidents in as many weeks.