The geek in me wants to rush out and get a Nexus 7 tablet – the 32GB version when it launches before Christmas. But the rational half of my brain keeps saying, “do you really need one”?

In theory it could be used for couch websurfing, or as an e-book reader, or for watching videos when I am travelling, or for playing games.

But I do have a Samsung netbook that works fine around the house. And I like having a screen with a hinge that supports itself so I don’t have to hold it. The Netbook also supports multiple user profiles, so the missus can use it as well. As I have a Kindle I don’t need another ebook reader. That leaves games and videos when I am on the road.

Putting aside the fact that I don’t travel too much these days, videos and games would be nice to have. I have a decent library of ripped video content and watching some of it in hotels or airplanes could be nice. But then the question is why use a tablet, why not just do it on my work laptop? Like the netbook the laptop would have more horsepower and storage, and the benefit of a self-supporting screen. On the flip-side most airline economy seats are so small it is difficult to open the laptop fully, so a 7″ tablet would be better there.

That leaves games. Games would be one of the few things that work does prohibit us from putting on our work machines and as PC gamer I have always missed them on the road. Except my preference is for good meaty strategy games something not well represented on tablets. There are some starting to appear though, so this one is a possible justification.

What I am wondering is, is there another use for a tablet, something I have missed, or something new I don’t use devices for today, that I am not thinking of that could justify purchasing one? For the most part they are not work devices. Beyond reading email (have a laptop and phone for that anyway), note taking would be a killer app for me. Except the capacitive pens people offer are crap. Only Samsung has a good solution there, having licenced Wacom’s digitizer technology. But I have overlooked anything else?

Lifehacker did have a post last week suggesting you think of new devices in terms of what you give up to purchase them. I need some new Ecco shoes. Would that be a better bet than putting a 4th gadget in my travel bag (after the phone, laptop and kindle) or am I just rationalising too much?