I thought this site needed a profile of me. It might seem very personal, but there is nothing here that you wouldn’t find out if you read all 900 odd posts on sliabh.net.

My name is Seamus, I go by the alias of “Sliabh”. I was born in the early seventies in Limerick, but these days I live in Dublin. I am married to Laura, who sometimes blogs as well.

I am an occasional mountaineer, enjoying both hill walking and rock climbing. My idea of a perfect holiday (other than one with Laura) is scrambling in the alps. More recently I have gotten into sailing. I am a Munster rugby supporter. I also occasionally surf, fly a kite or scuba dive. I am getting get my computer game habit under control (PC games only, and mostly strategy stuff). I watch almost no TV. I like reading sci-fi and history. I am a mine of useless, and occasionally useful information.

In college I studied Mechanical Engineering in UCD, and later Computer Engineering in UL. I have worked as a manufacturing engineer, web developer, DBA and project manager. This background has given me a healthy appreciation for the amazing potential, and the often overlooked limitations of science and technology. I got my first email address, and built my first web site in 1994.

These days I work as a business consultant in the telecommunications industry. My employer is a global player in the telecoms business. You would know them if I named them. Because of my job I spend 3 to 4 weeks of every month travelling around the world. Most of the time it is in Europe, but fairly regularly I am in more exotic locations.

I take pride in being a cynic. That’s a cynic according to the Devil’s Dictionary definition of “A blackguard whose faulty vision sees things as they are, not as they ought to be”. I am also an optimist at heart. I just get depressed at being surrounded by people who are so pessimistic.

Personally I am an atheist. I was once asked by an incredulous theist “well what do you believe in then”, and my answer was “I believe people should think for themselves”. I don’t like the term “Bright“. I prefer to refer to myself as “A Reasonable Man”. I like the dual meanings it has.

I believe we are astoundingly fortunate to live in this amazing universe. We get little enough time to enjoy the staggering privilege that chance has bestowed upon us. For that reason you should do everything you can to make the most of the very limited time we get on this earth. Live, learn, experience and enjoy as much as possible. But be aware that all of us are also stewards of the planet for the future as well. We must work to leave the world at least as good a place as we found it. Always try to make things better. Give back as much as you can by fixing, helping, teaching and loving people and the planet.

If I was a prophet and had a message, that message would be “Have fun, be nice”. I am not a prophet. I just want to believe when I die that I have led a good life.

That is not my epitaph. My epitaph should be “That was fun! Can I go around again?”