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Month: May 2019

The 8,000 year old word

This was fun – what is the English word (present across many other languages too) that has been unchanged in meaning and pronunciation for about 8,000 years?



Best photo I have seen all day

This image of a dust storm on Mars is from last year. It’s amazing to think this is a shot of weather happening on another world!

Dust storm on Mars

Dust storm on Mars

It was taken by the ESA Mars Express craft which has been doing science over Mars for 15 years now. As a European citizen about €10/year of your tax money goes on space exploration and science. Which is bloody great value in my view.


Good food writing

I have come late to the Angry Chef, but I am enjoying his sensible writing on food, diets, fads, quackery, and swearing (he doesn’t write about swearing, he just does it a lot).

This bit from his post today made me smile.

Another thing people struggle to understand is that when the proportion of people dying from non-communicable diseases goes up, this is usually a positive change. Everyone has to die of something, and the only other ways to meet your maker are communicable diseases and violence, which are generally not preferred options. If you want to live somewhere where your odds of dying from an NCD is very low, move to Afghanistan, Syria or South Sudan.

I occasionally have to make this point to people (“OMG so many more people are dying of cancer, we need to do something about X!” Sliabh: “well actually”). He makes the point much better 🙂

If I get to it, I should write a bit about my experiences with food in the last 6 months. I decided I needed to make a change. And it has worked well. But it was something not done with any “diet”. Lets see if I can write that.


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