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Brexit – what is it good for?

As well as providing a huge spur to the analogy industry, Brexit has been very good for educating a lot of people (myself included) on many aspects of law, international trade and so on. 

For your education today, here is an excellent article on the mechanics of trade negotiating. And how the pro-Brexit side’s approach of shouting a bit louder to get what you want – will get you SFA.


Brexit = Gaslighting

I was looking at the lengthy, and depressing list of fake stories the British press ran on the EU for 20 years. 

It struck me that this systematically feeding nonsense to someone to manipulate their opinions and behaviour has a name – Gaslighting. 

The madness that is Brexit is a prime example of the gaslighting of an entire country. Politicans and the public driven to psychosis by a systematic stream of misinformation, deception, and falsehood.

Farage and his kind tick so many of these boxes, it is scary: “11 Warning Signs Of Gaslighting“. 

As I Iook at the collapse of the UKs credibility and reputation as a result of the shambles that is Brexit one of the things I would get most angry about is that these shameless manipulators will dodge most of the responsibility to the harm they have done.



Brexit’s greatest growth opportunity

One of my guilty pleasures is reading reviews of really bad films. It can be fun to see professional reviews unload in as inventive a way as possible to describe the steaming heaps of manure they were forced by their jobs to give up some hours of their life to. 

But I think that pales in comparison to the invective written about Brexit. Anyone with more than a passing knowledge of reality can see how much of a catastrophe this is – a really bad idea to start with, now being executed with jaw dropping incompetence. It’s small comfort as we approach the catastrophe, but stuff like this does bring a little smile to my face. 


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