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Month: August 2019

Great story about people, and about politics

This is a wonderful story about the constitutional convention that lead to the legalisation of gay marriage. It left me with a lump in my throat. It’s an English translation of an article originally published in Germany

As well as being about two people it also talks about what I think is a powerful tool for resolving political issues in the future. Saving politics from the politicians so to speak. 



Give me a cabin in the mountains. Please?

I have discovered I have a weakness for rustic mountain cabins. Show me a picture of some hikers and skiers relaxing in a simple wooden building, solid fuel heating, maybe no electricity, and being remote from civilisation and I will pause and droll momentarily.

STF is the Swedish Tourist organisation that runs the mountain/winderness huts here. I am a member and get their magazine, so several times a year I get to see photos like this.

Expect to see more here 🙂


Bringing ice to eskimoes

Sweden is the land of white crockery. We were in IKEA yesterday, and I don’t think we saw anything other than plain, brilliant white cups, plates, bowls. and mugs. Which is all nice. But when I saw these beefy, brightly coloured mugs in Dunnes* in Cork I had to have them. 

Mugs from Ireland

They bring a nice bit of cheerful colour to the table. But it does seem a bit funny bringing delph to Sweden.

* Okay I have cheated a little, the jug is from Flying Tiger which I suppose does make it Scandinavian.


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