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Month: October 2017

This counts as work too though.

Making Progress


Blame the god(s)

Still one of my favourite stories on Ministerial Responsibility:

Over the last five years, there had been at least two instances of goods trains travelling about 30 km in northern India without an engine driver, who had either fallen out or had jumped out en route. Fortunately neither train was involved in an accident as they ran out of steam. 

Mr Yadav [The Railway minister at the time] has blamed Vishwakarma, the Hindu god of machines, for the spiralling rate of rail accidents.

“Indian Railways are the responsibility of Lord Vishwakarma,” said Mr Prasad, “so is the safety of passengers. It is his duty [to ensure safety\], not mine,” he said earlier this year.


Old maps

I am researching old maps of the world from the 1920s and 1930 for a project I am working on.

Two great resources I have found are:

http://www.hipkiss.org/data/maps.html – some maps here

http://www.oldmapsonline.org/ – map scans. But not as good quality, or as comprehensive (or well indexed) as this one

https://www.davidrumsey.com – excellent very high quality scans of maps through history that you can download.


Trump the laughing stock

Trump is openly mocked by other world leaders. He is referred to as a child by senior members of his own party. And within his own cabinet he is called a moron.

This is staggering really when you stop to think about it. Has any world leader every been thought so poorly of? And certainly not one in charge of a super power.


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