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Privacy Shield vs Safe Harbour

This is a good overview of Privacy Shield, the replacement for Safe Harbour.

The big question is whether it will pass muster by the CJEU. And as many or the original concerns there related to US government surveillance it is not clear whether these have been sufficiently addressed.



Best site for raw US poll data

If you are following the US election circus, then the best site I have found to the raw opinion poll data is Real Clear Politics. They aggregate all the various national and local polls, and allow you to dive in and find what you want.

Where to get raw US political polling data - Real Clear Politics

Where to get raw US political polling data – Real Clear Politics

For analysis there is of course Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight. He is the man who correctly predicted Obama’s election by looking at the actual data, when most other pundits were basing their opinions on what they wanted to happen.

But for my opinion the most accurate predictor of the US election outcome is Paddy Power. There you get the wisdom of crowds, reinforced by people actually putting their money on the outcomes!


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