Before Christmas 2015 I visited Gavle north of Stockholm to see the Julbocken (Christmas Goat)


When the family and I drove up there, that set a new personal record for how far north I have been on the planet. It got me thinking about what are the other extreme locations on the planet I have been too.

My list is below. And over time I will change these as I exceed them.

When I originally posted about this on Facebook, I asked a few people to talk about their personal extremes. It was a fun enough exercise and I will repeat it here for anyone who wants to.

There is One rule, doing it in a airplane doesn’t count. You have to have had feet on the ground (or in the water).

For me:
Furthest North: N60° 40′ Gävle Sweden, December 2015.
Furthest South: S34° 21′ Cape of Good Hope, South Africa (barely lower than Santiago Chile), June 2009.
Furthest West: W122°, 40′ Portland Oregon, USA, July 2001.
Furthest East: E151° 12′ Sydney, Australia, December 2006.
Highest point: 4,215m Dead Woman’s Pass Inca Trail, Peru, July 1999.
Lowest point: 38m below sea level, diving off Kilkee, Ireland. 2001?
Hottest: 47° Dubai, August 2014.
Coldest: -16°C Altiplano, Chile. -17°C Upplands Vasby, Sweden. February 2016.

I would recommend checking Lat/Long in Wikipedia. Google maps can be deceptive.