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Day: 22 January 2016

Driving home for (after) Christmas

The route is set. My 0600 Sunday departure time is planned. The Rostock hotel room secured for Sunday night. The ferry to Gedser in Denmark at 0600 on Monday is booked, and I am banking sleep. I just need to load the car, hit the road and head 1800km north to get back to my place in Sweden.

driving Vienna to Stockholm

On the way down before Christmas I took the long road with my father – we didn’t take the ferry. But that adds 350km to the trip. We took two and a half days (including time lost for fog from Dresden to Prague and on to Vienna. I should do the return in two.

On Sunday I will do 871km from Vienna to Rostock. My splits should be:

  • Vienna – Brno: 2 hours
  • Brno – Prague: 2 hours
  • Prague – Dresden: 1.75 hours
  • Dresden – Berlin: 2:25 hours
  • Berlin – Rostock: 2:25

The following day

  • Rostock – Gedser (by ferry): 2 hours
  • Gedser – Copenhagen: 2 hours
  • Copenhagen – Malmo (by The Bridge) : 0.5 hours
  • Malmo – Jönköping: 2 hours
  • Jönköping – Stockholm: 2.5 hours

All that assumes no problems with the weather, breakdowns and so on. But the real risk to my times is refugees. The Swedish and German governments have effectively suspended Schengen. They have re-instigated border checkpoints to look for refugees. Over Christmas we saw the big tailbacks that result when we crossed from Austria to Germany on the way to our ski resort.

Still a 15-20 minute tail back I can deal with. 18 hours of boredom on my own might be a different case!


Blogging for work

A blog post I did for work.

A blog post I did for work.

I have been blogging and producing content for work in the past few years.

Some of the highlights are the posts on Ericsson’s Industrial Cloud group over at LinkedIn. There is a blog post I wrote on the massive growth in data being stored in the Cloud and what Ericsson can do to help.

And there are a few videos floating around of me talking at conferences like this one on the economics of NFV at the OpenStack summit in Paris.

Blogging for work is a bit different, and not just because of the longer review process, and the nit picking over your grammar, spelling and punctuation. You need to have a much clearer idea of why you are writing, what it is for, how it will help people, and what you want them to get from the post. There isn’t time for random nonsense (like I can put here). And you need to make sure that the material should tie into everything else that is being published on the topic.

It ads a considerable amount of effort to the process. And certainly robs it of the spontaneity that personal blogging has!

Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedintumblr – why am I back blogging

Working on the PC with crocodile and vodka tonic

Working on the PC with crocodile and vodka tonic

I had a few reasons for wanting to restart this blog. The first one is for fun. I enjoy writing, but I don’t get to do enough of it. In the last few years Twitter and Facebook had replaced this blog as where I was putting things on the internet.

Twitter can be fun to write for. But quite often you want a lot more than 140 characters.

Facebook allows you more words, but most people don’t read much more than is in a tweet. I saw a recent recommendation of picture and just 250 characters for the best engagement there! My Facebook audience is pretty restricted as well, as I have less than 40 “friends” and little interest in making my profile public.

I also would rather my content was fully public, on my own platform, than controlled by Facebook and monetised by them. They recently surveyed me on what I thought of their privacy options. I noticed that all the choices they offer only allow you to control what your contacts and the public see. You have almost no control over what Facebook do with your content (and it is yours) and activity. BTW I am a big fan of Max Schrems.

Then there is the thing about the social and engagement side. I am as guilty as the next person of occasionally obsessing about my likes, re-tweets and favorites. But that’s so shallow really. So I am going back to the basics – Am I enjoying writing. And are people getting some benefit from what I am writing. That is easily measured by site traffic, and people commenting on what they see.

The only other thing I need to sort out is work. My current role is a bit higher profile. And I have even been blogging for work. I want to write a bit about technology and the cloud world, but I am not sure whether that will work alongside some of the other content that will be here. A separate work blog may be needed as well.

For now the plan is to post something, big or small at least once a day. Few posts will be over 350 words. I will post on my usual eclectic range of interests – technology, history, sci-fi, current affairs, business travel, the places I get to visit at work, and reflections on life from someone whos own life is pretty non-standard 🙂

Anyway. It is good to be back!



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