Things I need to do to tidy all of this up:

  • Finish tweaking the theme (currenly using Hemingway) – Done  for now.
  • Fix the site settings, including checking:
    • Comments – Done
    • Spam filters – Done
  • Add an “About” page for the blog – to clarify why am back here – Done
  • Add an “About” page for me – placeholder in, er, place. I need proper content.
  • Add a side bar with some links – Done
  • See can I migrate the old posts to this site
  • Add a decent photo/image sharing widget – Done I think. I have added NextGen Gallery. Let’s see how it works later.
  • Social media integration – Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook – Done. Sharing icons added.
  • Decide if/how I will use this for work
  • Add some permanent pages, and remove the current sample one – In progress.