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Swedish water sports

One thing I have been doing in 2017 is spending more time on the water. I have been out kayaking a bit and I really want to do a lot more. I like the freedom, the simplicity, and the self sufficient nature of it on the overnight trips.

The girls are a little young for it, but we have a local lake, with a canoe club, and a stock of canadian canoes. So down we went today. The girls acquited themselves well.

The problem now is that they are dangling club membership in front of me. Pay about €50 and never have to pay for rentals again. But I haven’t been a canoe club member before. Thats a line I am not sure I can go over…




  1. Treasa

    How often would you have to rent for it to cost more than membership?

    This is my usual criteria for swimmung pool frequent flier options.

    • Sliabh

      150kr (~€15) for an hour rental. 500me for membership which runs to the end of 2018. No brainer to me. Cost wise. But as a former member of the UCD mountaineering club, I just struggle with joining a canoe club! 😀

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